Get to know

The drivers and their Monster Cars


Hi, I'm Ben - and I always go full speed ahead! Tight corners? Slippery roads? No road is too rough for me. My turbo-charged monster car "Rocket" only listens to me - and together we're indestructible!


What up! I'm Mick. I may be the youngest driver, but I know the coolest tricks on the road. Scared? Nah, never. Hmmm, okay, except sometimes in front of my parents. They mustn't find out that I secretly drive my monster car "Red Rebel" in wild street races ...


Hey, I'm Steve, and I know everything about cars. I'm either hitting the road at full speed or I'm in the garage working on my monster car, the Street Fighter. Problems? Not me! I just stay cool!


Um, hi, a lot of people call me Alex. But whether that's my real name or not remains a secret! My monster car, Speedway Racer, and I know every track inside and out. All the other drivers are losers - because nobody knows my tricks!

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